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Subject: Re: Maybe I can help...
Author: Mama
Date: 05/07/2004 02:41
Thanks for your reply :o)

I think I understand what you are telling me. Let me see 
if I've got it right. I need to go through the error log 
and look for the warnings which show where the pdf has 
been moved to. eg. The error log reads this...

12:13:44 Warning:  File has moved from 
username:password@www.readinga- to 

The part I save is 


Then I need to download the site again by typing


into the scan rules box. Is that right? Do I need to 
select anything from the dropdown menu? Do I need to 
insert my userid and password into the code?
Could I put this in the scan rules instead...
or can I not use the * in this way?
Is there any way I could tell the programme only to 
download the correct file at the correct link for off-line 
viewing? ie replace 'this' with 'this'(Or is that what you 
covered when you said 'but you will have to link them 

If I can't tell the programme to only load the correct 
file at the right place how will I find it in the copied 
website offline?
>>>or link the pdf files by modifying the pages of your 
mirror (a few minutes once your pdf files have been 

Is this something a computer idiot (me) would be capable 
of doing? I can usually sucessfully follow instructions 
although they may need to be a little more simplistic than 
you computer experts are used to using <G>

Thanks again. I really appreciate your help :o)

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