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Subject: Re: Maybe I can help...
Author: D_A
Date: 05/07/2004 20:12
raz_retell_fiction.pdf for example is not in
as it maybe anywhere 
(could be there : )
or it is not a valid path so it is interpreted as a move by
 >I need to go through the error log
 >and look for the warnings
You can do that and try to add

in the scan rules and log in before you start the mirror

As there is no link from the html pages,
shouldn't help.
If it works, you will find a file named
"raz_retell_fiction" with any extension.

>Is there any way I could tell the programme only to
>download the correct file at the correct link for off-line
>viewing?I don't think so

>If I can't tell the programme to only load the correct
>file at the right place how will I find it in the copied
>website offline?you will have to find it by looking for

You will have to edit the html pages linked to the pdf files
and replace
<a href="the_file_path/raz_retell_fiction.pdf">

Depending on how many files you want to display offline,
it may represent a lot of work.
Personnally, I would download the interesting pdf files,
with a download manager or save them from adobe reader,
or use Internet Explorer and look for them in
Temporary Internet Files
Then I would put them in a folder and link them.

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Re: Maybe I can help...

05/07/2004 02:41
Re: Maybe I can help...

05/07/2004 20:12
Thanks, I'll be back :o)

05/07/2004 23:30

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