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Subject: Filename extensions in select box links
Author: Maximilian
Date: 05/17/2004 15:19
Hi Xavier et all,

I'm using your tool for years now in order to mirror an 
intranet site from time to time and I must say that you 
really did a great job!

However, I now have the problem, that WinHTTrack doesn't 
seem to follow links in select boxes, if they don't end 
with a filename extension. For example:
[select onChange=...]
[option value=""]please choose[/option]
[option value="/foo/bar/index.html"]works[/option]
[option value="/foo/bar/"]doesn't work[/option]
[option value="/foo/bar"]doesn't work[/option]

As the authors of the site I have to mirror started to use 
these kind of links quite extensively, I get into trouble 
now... However, I'm just a human, please let me know if 
I've overseen something.

BTW: It would be wonderful if one could provide HTTrack 
with regular expressions in order to help it recognize 
links, eg. option value=['"](/[^'"]+)['"] 

Thanks for your help and best regards

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Filename extensions in select box links

05/17/2004 15:19
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