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Subject: Re: Filename extensions in select box links
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 05/18/2004 13:47
> However, I now have the problem, that WinHTTrack doesn't 
> seem to follow links in select boxes, if they don't end 
> with a filename extension. For example:
> [select onChange=...]
> [option value=""]please choose[/option]
> [option value="/foo/bar/index.html"]works[/option]

This is a side effect of the "Attempt to detect all links 
(even in unknown..)" option checked.
"Option" tags should not be parsed at all, actually. I'll 
try to fix this problem, as the link value change can 
actually be worse than doing nothing..

> BTW: It would be wonderful if one could provide HTTrack 
> with regular expressions in order to help it recognize 
> links, eg. option value=['"](/[^'"]+)['"] 

Well, maybe. But I suspect this option to be potentially 
way too complex for most users. I had to implement limited 
regular expressions (not regexp compliant) for this reason, 

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