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Subject: Re: source code audit of httrack
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 05/18/2004 14:01
> I intent to source code audit httrack as part of a mini - 
> project for my Masters in Computer Application

Wow :)

> 1) Code optimisation ,

Quite well optimized - C language choice was one of the 

> 2) Commenting each algorithm block in the code ,

Err, I prefer to warn you: the comments are not what we can 
call "exhaustive". And they are mostly written in French - 
unless you know the language, most of them will look a bit 

> 3) Essay describing the working of httrack .

None was done yet.

> Is there any mailing list for HTTrack where in httrack 
> issues are discussed ? .........

No :) This forum can be used, but I can not guarantee that 
I will have the time to comment all necessary elements.

I will have to clean up the sources one day, because the 
current sources state is not very sexy. Many hacks, many 
dirty code, which are the result or years of tuning to take 
in account browser tolerence and specific issues. Hence the 
whole thing is a bit complex to analyse.

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