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Subject: Re: source code audit of httrack
Author: Ankur Gupta
Date: 05/19/2004 07:09
xavier wrote

( will have to clean up the sources one day, because the 
current sources state is not very sexy.  )

Thats ok ... I belive i should be able to understand ....
Is there ne link to the source code of the very first or 
initial release / version of httrack .... ? url 

xavier wrote 

( Many hacks, many dirty code, which are the result or 
years of tuning to take in account browser tolerence and 
specific issues. Hence the whole thing is a bit complex to 
analyse. )

I am no pro ... and will  have loads of Q/A ... once i hv 
made substantial progress but my audit ( probably in the 
month of sept end ... ) if u may allow i would send one 
mail with my queries , observation and views ... and a 
forked version of httrack with a console(ncurses) 
interface . Hope u will help me out that time 

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