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Subject: A little request on HTTrack
Author: Hendy
Date: 05/20/2004 19:01

I'm still using HTTrack 3.32 don't know if this happen in 3.22-2. 

Here's the story, i'm leeching from a site that provide a lot pictures, i set
the options to store HTML in web and other in web/images. After downloading
for almost 2 days straight, i realized that img folder contained about 15000
more files! so i realized that i must modify the option to store everything
according to the site.

so i cancel the download (since i can't change it while pausing), start again,
change the some option (oh, i also change the log part too), and restart the
download again. and a terrible accident happen, the HTTrack erase
everything(!) on that folder. I have to redownload everything :((

Please - please on the next version, httrack will produce warning before
deleting files, please!



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A little request on HTTrack

05/20/2004 19:01
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