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Subject: Re: A little request on HTTrack
Author: Hendy
Date: 05/21/2004 10:43
okay, i did it once again, i forget and restart the download, and HTTrack
delete everything again :((

i 'leech' from this site <>, which has lots 
of images, all with javascript link that point to non-valid
character, that httrack can't make the subfolder (contain 
double backslashes '\\'). The local file is saved in 'image_'. It seems that
httrack cannot detect if the file has been download before (eventhough i use
log?) and will 'clean' everything and start again. 

If i use the option the option to save everything to web/images/, everything
work perfectly, so i assume that's the problem. Maybe a bug?
Best regards,

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A little request on HTTrack

05/20/2004 19:01
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