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Subject: WinHTTrack UI suggestion
Author: Travis E.
Date: 06/01/2004 17:51
I've been using WinHTTrack for a couple of years, and I
noticed that the display when downloading a web site hasn't
changed much. I think there could be an improvement to the
long rows of labels, progress bars, and 'Skip' buttons that
are currently used. The problem is that you're forcing
static controls to display dynamic information, which has
many limitations.

Why not use one of those multi-column list boxes (or
whatever they're called) instead (like the one Explorer uses
in Details mode, or like many downoad managers use to
display downloads in progress)? Have a list that displays
the actions down one column, the file names down the next,
the progress down the next, etc. The list would be
scrollable and only need to display the rows that are
needed. Then, you could get rid of all those 'Skip' buttons
and replace them with a single 'Skip' button on the bottom,
reclaiming screen space. The user could then highlight a row
and click a single 'skip' button to skip the file.

A grid like this would allow the user to resize/rearrange
the columns by dragging the column headings, sort the list
by any column, and even select more than one file by using
the Shift/Ctrl keys and skip all of them with one click of a
'Skip' button. These actions are currently not possible with
the current implementation.

The list should resize to the window, to ensure that
WinHTTrack is useful as a resizable window. I think that
these changes would offer the user much more functionality
while making the display simpler, more professional-looking,
and easier to read/use.

What do you think?

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