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Subject: Re: WinHTTrack UI suggestion
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 06/04/2004 12:20
> The list should resize to the window, to ensure that
> WinHTTrack is useful as a resizable window. I think that
> these changes would offer the user much more functionality
> while making the display simpler, more professional-
> and easier to read/use.
> What do you think?
Well, I have been thinking about this issue for a while - 
but unfortunately I am neither a designer (you should 
remember the original design before Leto 
changed it :) ), nor a Windows GUI expert, and such things 
are really complicated for me. The current WinHTTrack GUI 
is really messy and dirty, with hacked MFC classes 
everywhere, and implementing a nicer interface would mean 
to break everything and rewrite the interface from scratch 
in Visual C++ - which is not the best language for doing 
such things. I am in parallel very busy in other 
developments (including Unix/Linux developments for the 
company i work for) and I will not have the time do make 
such a big development.

The best solution IMHO would be to rewrite an interface 
using Kylix/C++ (Borland), which has the advantage to be 
really easy for designing interfaces, and can be even 
compatible with Linux systems ; and then connecting this 
interface to the engine library DLL which already exports 
the necessary functions. Or even some VB interface, as VB 
seems to be a typical language for GUI things.
However, even with this environment, I won't have the time 

But I am ready to help anyone wanting to start such 
developmment, which would be a great thing for HTTrack, as 
the current interface is really, *REALLY* ugly - I totally 
agree with this judgement.

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