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Subject: WinHTTrack crash
Author: sheeryjay
Date: 06/07/2004 14:07
When i mirror some pages from, i tell the 
GUI to download about 100 links and define about 60KB of 
wildcards to use. It goes OK, maybe there is a bit of 
slowdown during interrupting the download, but doesn't 
mind. But when i then try to open the project again, 
immediatelly as i choose the project from the list, Windows 
pops up message (program generated error and will be 
terminated (or something like that, it is said in my 
language(czech) and this is my rough translation)) and the 
program is terminated. Maybe the it had too much links or 
wildcards, but i think this is an bug.
If you would like, i could send you the links and wildcards 
i used.
I am using WinHTTrack 3.32-2 on Windows 2000.

I would be also glad if there would be an option to set 
that i want for example "?" in URLs to be converted to some 
other character, because i don't like all 1000 files to be 
of name indexXXXX.html (X being hexadecimal number). Maybe 
there is in console, but in GUI it would also help.

Thanks and keep up good work. Sheeryjay

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