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Subject: Re: Mirroring
Author: Chris
Date: 06/19/2004 16:21
Hi D_A,

It's mostly a .jpg site, with a couple of index html 
pages. New jpg's are added, few new index html files are 
too, but all the old .jpg's stay the same. Problem is, 
WinHTTrack does delete all the old .jpg's I have mirrored 
on my PC (you can actually see them being removed via 
Windows Explorer)...then it goes & redownloads every 
single one. I wouldn't mind if there were only a 
few .jpg's, but it is a big site, & it has a few 
thousand .jpg's (2GB worth), which takes 2 days to re-
mirror. The update hack was already ticked, & I had been 
using "update existing download", but the "do not purge 
old files" was not ticked - I will try it out next time. 
However, does this option mean that even though they won't 
be deleted, the will still be redownloaded, because 
WinHTTrack obviously thinks that they change every single 
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