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Subject: Re: Mirroring
Author: Chris
Date: 06/19/2004 16:25
Hi Xavier,

It is with every other website I mirror, just not this 
one. That wouldn't be a problem, but as I said in my reply 
to D_A's message, this site is about 2GB...& WinHTTrack 
downloads the whole thing each & every time (that takes 2 
full days of constant downloading to do). The thing is, I 
used to update it with an older version of WinHTTrack 
(v3.23 or v3.30 I think), & it would only pull down the 
new files. Then I updated to (first) v3.31 & then v3.32, & 
suddenly, it deletes all the files on my PC that I have 
mirrored, then redownloads the whole damn website. So, I 
didn't know if it was a bug in the later versions of 
WinHTTrack, or if it was something else.
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