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Subject: Rule: +/dir/foo.heml - more priority than -/dir/*
Author: Best Compatibility with Web Browsers
Date: 06/28/2004 01:37
Sorry for the accidental post.

### Rule definition need to revise!! ###
Complete URL or lower level definition should be given more 
priority than ignore rule of upper incomplete wildcard 
definition or less complete URL. Never erase when lower, 
deep, more complete level. Yes, seems to me, HTtrack scans 
the lower. more complete URL, but the result is NOTHING. 
DOES HTT erase them?
You would advise me, use "Just scan link" option for 
experts would help solve, but it is a trick or tips and 
then output LOG needs to be more user-frendly like mass 
downloader like FlashGet or GetRight.

Recent most sites always have a direct link to not fully 
defined "top level" dir. This dynamic construction makes a 
rule definition silly and ugly. When I just want like a 
page - a complete copy of
<;want>.  I just tons of ignore
....+* .... until ...?=z*  HT 
stop at the top site of a very big site and test all asps 
or phps for minites. Great job but dynamic page cache 
option with TTL (ofcurse, URL-based switch for avoiding bad 
results - result might change by reffer... At least seems  
dynamic page cache is not working or nothing  

Well,,,, Does I miss something important rule features? - 
If so, sorry for that... please be good.

BTW, Just for one page, I use web integrated mass 
downler's "download all on this page" to see what to get. 
It very handy. But resulting rule is a very ugly. Yes, just 
one page is technically difficult.

Well, for a workaround, I put must-have item URL on start 
page, but auto-created index become ugly... Please rewrite 
the code to give priority to more deeper URLs then uppers.

HTtrack is one of the most useful tool - WORKING ANYWAY , 
great job!! - a must-have tool! but let me "DO MORE THAN 
LESS" grin.

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Rule: +/dir/foo.heml - more priority than -/dir/*

06/28/2004 01:37
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06/28/2004 06:13


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