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Subject: Re: Rule: +/dir/foo.heml - more priority than -/dir/*
Author: Leto
Date: 06/28/2004 06:13
The rule priority is based on the order you define them: if 
possible rules will override any rules preceding them.

So in the following rules, you are actually not including 
"/dir/foo.heml" in the project, you are overriding it with 
"-/dir/*" and therefore excluding it from the project:


If you say:


then you are excluding anything from the /dir/ folder but 
the explicitly including /dir/foo.heml

Actually, I don't even think starting your rule with "/" 
will match correctly, because the URLs do not start with / 
they start with  So more accurately would be:*


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Rule: +/dir/foo.heml - more priority than -/dir/*

06/28/2004 01:37
Re: Rule: +/dir/foo.heml - more priority than -/dir/*

06/28/2004 06:13


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