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Subject: 412/416 error ("Requested Range Not Available")
Author: reh
Date: 06/29/2004 14:56
I sometimes get this error reported in the log file and
transfer window, which then causes a small (1k) HTML file 
of the server response to be saved (possibly replacing a
previously successfully downloaded version).

The error response from the server includes the text
"<p>None of the range-specifier values in the Range
request-header field overlap the current extent
of the selected resource.</p>" and appears to be from Apache

*However* this doesn't get counted as an error (i.e. I
finish the transfer with Errors: 0 but 30k useless files...)

It would be much nicer if this was noted as an error but any
existing file kept in place.

I've seen this referred to on the forum before, but no fix

robert h.

PS very nice program, btw

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412/416 error ("Requested Range Not Available")

06/29/2004 14:56
Re: 412/416 error ("Requested Range Not Available")

07/05/2004 14:09


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