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Subject: Re: 412/416 error ("Requested Range Not Available")
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 07/05/2004 14:09
> The error response from the server includes the text
> "<p>None of the range-specifier values in the Range
> request-header field overlap the current extent
> of the selected resource.</p>" and appears to be from 
> 2.0.47.
> *However* this doesn't get counted as an error (i.e. I
> finish the transfer with Errors: 0 but 30k useless 

The problem should be fixed in recent 3.33 beta releases 
(bad files validated in cache). 

The range 4XX errors are generated because the file was 
completed, but not "seen" as OK by httrack (user 
break/crash ?). The next mirror will force a reget, 
starting from the "last known position", which is.. the end 
of the file, causing an error. But the error should now be 
handled by the engine, validating the file.

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412/416 error ("Requested Range Not Available")

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