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Subject: suggestion : suspending a download
Author: Dysmas de Lassus
Date: 07/05/2004 19:34
I have a suggestion : it would be fine to be able to suspend 
a download without finishing it. I have a dialup connection. 
If Httrack is downloading a site and I need to get my email 
or find something on Internet, I need to stop httrack, and 
then start again, which takes a long time because I am 
mirroring the same site for a while now, and the mirror is 
becoming large. I think a way to stop momentarily Httrack, 
and then resume the task would be fine. This can be done in 
two ways : 

1) Just keep the present "Cancel" button, but change the 
behaviour : presently when I click on this button a window 
appears and asks for confirmation. The download continues 
until confirmation is done. This could be changed : I think 
winhttrack in this situation could just finish the 
dowloading of active files, but not start new downloads. 
After that if I click on no, it would restart. If I click on 
yes, then it would shut down. 

2) a cooler way would be a "suspend" or "pause" button. 

I don't know if it would be difficult to implement.

Thanks for the job, it is useful to give a copy of sites to 
friends who don't have access to Internet. 


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