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Subject: Never ending mirroring
Author: Ong C.Y
Date: 10/12/2001 13:28
First of all I will like to thank the help that I am 
getting from this forum in using httrack. Now I am 
facing this problem hopefully all seasoned users out 
there can help me out. 

When I was mirroring some huge sites like it 
keeps on mirroring the sites as if there is no end to 
it. Frankly speeking there is this time when it goes 
for near 24hrs without ending and I have a broadband 
connection with the various filters applied to it. I 
had read the FAQ and it states that I can state the 
recursive level in it.
How can I do that in the GUI version of httrack?
Xavier had mentioned that the depth is the "number of 
level - 1" can you quote an example cause I don't have 
a very clear picture of it


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