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Subject: Re: Never ending mirroring
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 10/12/2001 14:17
> When I was mirroring some huge sites like 
> keeps on mirroring the sites as if there is no end 
> it. Frankly speeking there is this time when it goes 
> for near 24hrs without ending and I have a broadband 
> connection with the various filters applied to it. I 
> had read the FAQ and it states that I can state the 
> recursive level in it.
> How can I do that in the GUI version of httrack?
Set options/
Maximum mirroring depth/

And set to 5 or 6 for 'regular' sites, more for huge 

But the best would be to know why the mirror isn't 
ending - and put appropriate filters, such as:
-*/bigfolder/** ..

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