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Subject: List of warnings and errors
Author: Maverick
Date: 07/13/2004 19:41
     I was wondering if there was a listing of the 
different types of errors and warnings that frequently 
come up while using HTTrack. If there is already and I 
have missed then could someone point me in the right 
direction? If not then, that is my suggestion and input to 
make this already awesome program and website better. Most 
errors and warnings can be figured out but a listing would 
be very helpful and answer many of the questions in this 
forum.  I would gladly be willing to send some of my many 
error and warning logs to see which ones come up most 
frequenty and the solutions I have come up with to fix the 
     Currently I'm trying to figure out what to do with 
a "warning link # 14 empty". And everything stops after 
that error.  I am open to any ideas. Thanks in advance!


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List of warnings and errors

07/13/2004 19:41
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