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Subject: Re: List of warnings and errors
Author: Sheldon Botha
Date: 07/17/2004 16:03
Ye Im finding that If i use WinHttrack at home on a lan 
with a IPCOP firewall I can download the files fine via my 
IE6 browser but when I try WinHttrack to pull them down 
without a proxy specified.
But if I specify my Ipcops proxy running on port 800 it 
goes perfectly.
Im now having the same issue with my fiance who wants to 
pull down a FTP section of a site but shes on a wireless 
lan behind a linksys router which sits behind a symantec 
VPN application firewall.
She access's the net via the router which is specified as a 
gateway via the routers DHCP service.

Has anyone got any ideas if Im doing something wrong here?
Thanx a million

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