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Subject: Add commas in "bytes transferred"
Author: Chuck
Date: 08/17/2004 19:15
In the window title for Winhttrack, there is the number of
files transferred, number of links to check, then the bytes
transferred. Could you put the "bytes transferred" in kb,
and add commas to it? It would make it more readable that
way. Just check the system settings for the thousands
separator anc use that. 

Also, could you have an option that does NOT include files
that are not updated in the "bytes transferred". When I
update an existing download, it checks files, but does not
update them, and adds their size to the "bytes transferred"
number in the title bar. I would rather not have those
numbers added to the bytes transferred because it didn't
really transfer the file. Or did it?

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Add commas in "bytes transferred"

08/17/2004 19:15


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