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Subject: HTTrack erases everything on Cancel
Author: Jerry Dallal
Date: 08/22/2004 23:32
This hurt! Searching the archive I see it was reported in
May but I didn't see an offical response, whatever
"official" might mean.

I downloaded nearly 2 GB from a site that permits such
downloads.  There were errors in some files so I ran the job
again to clean things up.  The, I ran it one last time to be
sure I had everything, but things went slowly.  The transfer
rate was literally on the order of KB/s.  So, I figured I'd
cancel and restart later when traffic was lighter.  BIG
MISTAKE!  It blew everyhing away.  I was fooled because
HTTRack allows interrupted downloads to be restarted.  What
I didn't know is that cancelling is very different from
interrupting.  How about an "Interrupt" button that allows
the program to be closed in such circumstances without
losing everything?  Or, is there already a way to do this?

BTW, I'm using 3.30.  I'll upgrade after this download. 
However, I think the earlier poster was using a later version.


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