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Subject: asp problems... "file has moved"
Author: Dan_A
Date: 09/15/2004 20:33
I'm trying to mirror a site made with asp.  Most of the 
mirror goes OK, but one file, a very important one for my 
mirror, kicks up a "file has moved" error.  The error lists 
the original URL (e.g. and the
partial URL 
to which it supposedly moved (based on example above, it 
would be something like 
/?/Items/default.asp?para1=this&para2=that&para3=theOther).  The file does not


The link which points to the missing file then has another 
file linked to it - the wrong file!

Has anyone seen this and, if yes, how can I fix it?  I hate 
to download the file individually from IE and repair the 
code manually....


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