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Subject: Re: asp problems... "file has moved"
Author: Dan_A
Date: 09/20/2004 15:56
> > mirror, kicks up a "file has moved" error.  The error 
> lists 
> > the original URL (e.g.> >
para1=this&para2=that&para3=theOther) and the partial 
> > to which it supposedly moved (based on example above, 
> > would be something like 
> > /?/Items/default.asp?> > para1=this&para2=that&para3=theOther).  The file
> > download.
> Ensure that the "moved "location is within the default 
> mirror scope (that is, the redirected URL is 
not "outside" 
> the site)
> and add proper scan rules if necessary ; such as

The log says:
Warning:  File has moved from 
to /?/Items/default.asp?para1=this&para2=that&para3=theOther . I have no clue
the question mark as a directory name might mean....  Is 
this a substitution by httracker or is that something the 
site created?
When browsing the site with IE, the page displays normally, 
with the original asp 
Using this URL as 
the starting point in httracker, however, produces the same 
error as above.  How would I find out what is the host name 
of the file which moved?
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