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Subject: Moving data to another folder
Author: Galmiza
Date: 10/13/2004 16:00

I downloaded about 200MB from the MSDN documentation 
available on the internet to a folder on my computer.
Only few errors occurred and I could freely look at the 
downloaded pages without being connected. Link were 
perfect too.

BUT, I moved the whole folder to another one and I 
couldn't look at the files anymore. The error message was:
"Le fichier ... est introuvable. VĂ©rifier l'emplacement et 
"The file ... couldn't be found. Check the location and 
try again."

Worst, when I moved back the folder to its originate 
location, the same error happens.

What is the probleme.
All links are relatives...
Help ! There is no internet on my building, I want to put 
the data on a CD.


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Moving data to another folder

10/13/2004 16:00
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