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Subject: asp links not resolved
Author: Dan_A
Date: 10/14/2004 15:16
I mirrored an asp site, but the links beyond the first page 
did not resolve.  They remain asp links, all of them 
pointing to index.asp?...=...&...=..., with different 
parameters for the different pages.  The links on the first 
page seem to have resolved correctly to the "new" html 
files, created by httracker from the asp files.

It looks like httracker followed all of the asp links 
correctly, downloading all of the files (mirror depth=4), 
but did not replace the asp links on most of the pages with 
links pointing to the new html files.  Furthermore, it 
added the server in front of each pointer, whether for 
style sheets or images 
(e.g., <> instead of 
leaving the original "css/style.css" - same for images).  
Also, shockwave buttons with links in them did not resolve 
the links at all....

I did set the links to be "relative" before running the 

Can I fix this somehow?  I can rerun the mirror if I 
screwed up the settings, but I can't tell how I screwed 
them up!

Thanks for any explanation - even if "it can't be done."


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