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Subject: Re: asp links not resolved
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 10/17/2004 22:42
> It looks like httracker followed all of the asp links 
> correctly, downloading all of the files (mirror depth=4), 
> but did not replace the asp links on most of the pages 
> links pointing to the new html files.  Furthermore, it 
> added the server in front of each pointer, whether for 
> style sheets or images 
> (e.g., <> instead of 
> leaving the original "css/style.css" - same for images).  

It means that httrack considered these links as "outside 
the default mirror scope" -- that is, unsuitable to be 
downloaded by default.

Check if you have robots.txt limits, and/or use scan rules 
(Set Options / Scan rules) to widen the default mirorr 
scope (using for example*)
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