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Subject: can't map *.aspx to multiple MIME types
Author: Ben Houston
Date: 10/26/2004 06:16
I have a pretty dynamic website.  It accesses all the 
images via a /images.aspx page and all the HTML pages via 
a /index.aspx.  HTTRack can't detect the MIME types 
returned by the /images.aspx pages -- these MIME types can 
be image/png, image/gif, or image/jpg.  It seems that 
HTTrack can only deal with hardcoded MIME mappings and does 
not properly read the HTTP header that is returned in 
response to a request for the /image.aspx content.

Have images returned as dynamic content is amazing useful.

The website is question is this one:

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can't map *.aspx to multiple MIME types

10/26/2004 06:16
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