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Subject: Yahoo Photos - NEW!!!!!
Author: NeroGoth
Date: 10/27/2004 02:26
Okay I know there has numerous threads and I have gone thru 
I believe all of them, but here is one I think hasn't been 
addressed. I will give you the site then where the picture 
actually resides, and I like you to tell me how to set this 
up properly because so far I am this () close to tossing my 
laptop at the wall.

Objective: Download numerous Photo Albums on Yahoo! Some 
may require login and password for 18+ authentication

Example site:
<>  turns into:

Now clicking on thumbnail here still shows up as 


though it is a submenu hosting all the thumbnails of that 
SINGLE series. Now the actual photo (for example) is at 


SO what I want is to offline the large pictures from 
hentai_collectionm, if I need to download all the extra 
stuff (html, thumbnail, css, etc.) fine, but I really don't 
need to download the advertisements,, blah 
blah blah. 

Now please tell me how stupid I am and the ease with which 
to do this. Thanks!!!!!!

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Yahoo Photos - NEW!!!!!

10/27/2004 02:26
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