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Subject: Re: Referrer (How) does it work
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 10/29/2004 18:47
> Is there a referrer option ?

> How does it work (=how does it fill those infos) ?
The option --referer allows to define a *default* referer. 
But most pages will have their referer set to 
their "parent" (that is, the file which contains the first 
reference of the link)

 %R  default referer field sent in HTTP headers (--referer 

Some sites are very strict concerning referers, however, 
and sometimes the default handling does not properly work..

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Referrer (How) does it work

10/20/2004 22:49
Re: Referrer (How) does it work

10/29/2004 18:47


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