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Subject: waiting for scheduled time...
Author: Klaus
Date: 11/04/2004 19:35
Hello all!

I updated my version to the "3.33-beta-4.exe", because the 
3.32-2.exe crashes sometimes...

Now by using the beta and downloading a project, the 
progress state says "waiting for scheduled time" and the 
download stopps :-(

I tried to setup the 'Set Options' / 'Limits' / 'Max 
connection/second' to 0, but it dont work.

Is there a new trouble shooting guide available?

At the crash of the (previous) 3.32-2-version is still the 
following event at the windows events "application".
(I use XP Prof with SP2)

Application Error
winhttrack.exe, Version, fehlgeschlagenes Modul 
msvcr71.dll, Version 7.10.3052.4, Fehleradresse 0x00010d45.

maybe its helpful to fix?!

Kind regards


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