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Subject: Re: waiting for scheduled time...
Author: cityshade
Date: 11/15/2004 16:14
Yes, lets sit here and hope. Faut peter dans l'eau pour 
faire des bulles Claudiu Pisslaru.

Klaus, interesting error message. It's uncommon. 
Translated it means: "too many layers open" or "fun to 
drive".  I've got most of my 'lets get this fixed' 
thoughts in another thread, but here's another 2 cents:

what kind of CPU do you have?
On my hyperthreaded machines, when httrack goes into 
a "waiting for scheduled" permanent vacation, then for all 
intents and purposes that project is failed ... a crash 
without fault messages. The only action within the program 
that breaks the freeze is hitting cancel - more than once. 
I wonder if that is possible on single cpu machines.  

It's 5am, here's an idea; I'm going to bed and while I 
sleep someone will make an RFE with the consistent steps 
necessary for X to reproduce it, then fix it, so when I 
wake up there will be cookies for breakfast, a new version 
of httrack, and a democrat in the whitehouse.  Who am I 
kidding, I'm not going to sleep.

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