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Subject: website aliases workaround
Author: Michael
Date: 11/09/2004 11:57
dear folks,

recently i tried to mirror a site that uses several aliases
like,, etc.
probably you know that it is not a good thing when you try
to update the site later on. yesterday httrack downloaded and today the url is and suddenly you have the file twice.
this is of course not what you wanted.
as far as i can see the support for sites like that is not
yet implemented in httrack.

so, please let me introduce a workaround for that. probably
this was mentioned before. if so, please excuse me wasting
your time :-). the workaround includes a programme called
proxomitron which basically is a proxy that you use which
gets rid of all the evil things in webpages, evil
javascript, evil html etc.

1. step: get it and install it (there is no real
installation just extract the archive)
2. step: run the programme
3. step: deactive all the filters for now (unless you want
some stuff filtered. beware: sometimes proxomitron messes up
a websites when they heavily depend on javascript to work).
4. step: add your own webpage-filter:
matching expression:
replacement text:
5. step: now run httrack on the site as before but tell it
to use proxomitron as its proxy.
6. step: enjoy.

using this, all occurances of (X is a number
from 0 to 9) will be replaced by just before
httrack sees it.
if you know a little about regular expression and read some
of the proxomitron docs you can (of course) do more
sophisticated stuff with it.

if you have any questions feel free to email me.

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