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Subject: D/l'ing part of website
Author: Bigbear
Date: 11/24/2004 06:55
My friend has set up a private website for me to d/l from 
and my question is:

there are multiple directories on the server but there are 
only 3 directories that I only want to d/l. They are named 
like this:
            "          /dir-002/
            "          /dir-003/

There are multiple subdirectories within those 3 dirs

My question is how do I set up the filters to only d/l 
those 3 directories and all the directories and files 
within them?

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D/l'ing part of website

11/24/2004 06:55
Re: D/l'ing part of website

11/27/2004 10:39


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