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Subject: First time User
Author: J. Rein
Date: 11/30/2004 10:26
I'm extremely new @ using this program and downloading web
pages altogether.  Here is the URL that I am working on


As a history major in college, this site is full of more
info than I could ever probably use...but I'd like to have
it at my fingertips when I'm on my laptop and not near a
wireless internet.  As U can see, the site has 1000s of
links that lead to more links, etc.  I can't seem to find to
make this program download every single link, sub link, etc.  

Size doesn't matter...I have a 1 GB USB key just for this
purpose.  Like I said, I am new @ this and just need to know
how to set up the options to download every single link


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