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Subject: Re: First time User
Author: D_A
Date: 11/30/2004 18:25
Downloading every single link will need much much more more
than 1 GB.
You must first select what you may need.
<> in Web Addresses
then click on Set options
Then in the scan rules add
so that you will download 
the whole domain.
When the mirror is done, explore the pages you are
interested in.
As an example "General Ancient History & Archaeology"
If you are interested in "The Chauvet Cave", click righ on
the link, Copy Link location (or copy shortcut) and add
(+ then right click then paste) in the scan rules.
You can do the same for "Archeology and Ethnography Program
Home, NPS" 
and so on. But these sites may represent a few GB!
You can set a site limit in
set options /limits /site size limits but if you selected
too many links in the scan rules, the mirror will be uncomplete.

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