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Subject: URL Resolution Issue
Author: Thomas
Date: 12/08/2004 02:38
I've installed WinHTTrack 3.32-2(+swf) for a client and have
run into an interesting condition.

Scenario:  WinHTTrack is installed on one of two Windows XP
workstations on a two-workstation workgroup consisting of a
Desktop PC and a Notebook PC.  The client downloads some of
his principles' sites to the Notebook to take on the road
with him.  All of the mirrored files and folders on the
NOtebook PC are then copied over the local network to the
Desktop PC for backup.

Problem:  Even though all of the desired pages have been
mirrored (downloaded) and the URLs in the mirrored pages
appear to be referring to the correct location (i.e.,
<file:///c:/documents> and setting/etc...), when certain links
are clicked the browser either 1) (if the Notebook is taken
out of the local workgroup) goes out to the web to get the
page instead of to the local mirror  or 2) (if the Notebook
is placed back in the workgroup) goes out to the backup copy
on the Desktop PC to get the page!  Other links open pages
from the local mirrored copy as they should.

In addition, the reverse occurs on the Desktop PC when
opening the backup copy of the mirrored sites:  If the
Notebook is available on the local workgroup the browser on
the Desktop will get certain pages off the mirror stored on
the Notebook (!) and if the Notebook is removed from the
workgroup the browser on the Desktop will go to the web to
get the page.

Again, this does not occur with every hyperlink.  There does
not appear to be a pattern why some pages are loaded from
the local mirrored copy and some are not.  Some of the
problematic links  are coded in plain html (not embedded in
Java code).  The browsers on each machine are the latest
version of IE and are set to refresh content every visit to
page.  I'm hoping this is something dumb that I'm just
missing, or that someone can provide a fix or workaround.

Any insight would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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