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Subject: Re: URL Resolution Issue
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 12/11/2004 11:44
> Problem:  Even though all of the desired pages have been
> mirrored (downloaded) and the URLs in the mirrored pages
> appear to be referring to the correct location (i.e.,
> <file:///c:/documents> and setting/etc...), when certain 
> are clicked the browser either 1) (if the Notebook is 
> out of the local workgroup) goes out to the web to get the
> page instead of to the local mirror  or 2) (if the 
> is placed back in the workgroup) goes out to the backup 
> on the Desktop PC to get the page!

Wow ?! I really don't understand how this can happend - 
basically all links are build relatively ; that is, there 
is no scheme/authority (http://<addr> or <file://<server>>;) 

I strongly suspect some nasty IE caching/navigation 
problem. Did you issue another test using Firefix/Mozilla ?
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