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Subject: noscript indexed and scammers
Author: D_A
Date: 12/08/2004 11:59
Looking for the reasons why I get scam and other unwanted
mail at an address I don't use, I searched for the different
parts of the email address and was at the top of the list with 
( part1 dot part2 at part3 dot com )
I couldn't find my address elsewhere on the Internet.
Google, Yahoo Slurp... index the noscript tag and if you
look for
dot net httrack
you will have hundreds of pages with emails that can quite
easily be rebuilt.
I may be wrong and I don't have any solution to display an
address with scripts disabled (the javascript display is not
indexed) or a solution to ban scammers and small scale email
grabbers from anywhere.
Maybe the sticky mail used by some other forums could
improve the security here.


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noscript indexed and scammers

12/08/2004 11:59
Re: noscript indexed and scammers

12/11/2004 11:39


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