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Subject: Re: java version
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 01/20/2002 13:44
> Why don't you rewrite the program using Java ? This 
> you can have a single code base that works on many 
> OSes. The last 1.4 version is quite fast, and you 
> get lots of pre built classes like support for 
> as an example.

Well, because the whole engine code would have to be 
rewritten in Java (and even if C++ and Java are 
similar, pure C code and Java are really different, 
especially when using pointers/static elements), that 
is almost 30,000 lines of code.
Another (smaller) problem is the portability: yes, 
Java *can* work on most systems, but requires JRE to 
work and most people don't have/want to install JRE.

The best solution would be a port to Kylix/C++, which 
would be much easier (compatibility wih C), but 
Borland hasn't released it yet unfortunately..
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