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Subject: incomplete pictures
Author: Bill
Date: 09/25/2002 22:16
Dear Mr. Roche:
Thank you for HT Track Website copier.  It's excellent.  I
have tried other similar products, like Memoweb3 (crap), and
Webstripper, which is ok.  Your software was able to pick up
site files that Webstripper could not.  However, I'm still
not able to copy all the pics on a site. If I'm online, the
pictures will download while I'm viewing the site from your
software, but I just get a blank when I'm offline.  In
addition, many of the pics are incomplete. How do I set it
up so the pics will completely download?  Continue
interrupted download does not work, because he program
thinks they were downloaded correctly.  The site is
<>, and I'm using, unfortunately,
Windoze '98.  I'm at a max mirroring depth of 4, and max
external depth of 4 as well.  I have it set up to capture
the following files: +*.css +*.js*
+*.gif +*.jpg +*.png +*.tif +*.bmp +*.pdf.
 I also noticed that after hours of downloading a site (at
26400 kbps), I get an error message,and I can't really
cancel my download, I have to close out your software.  I'm
sure all this is Windoze related.


P.S.  Netscape 4.78 freezes up or crashes when accessing
your forum, but the latest version seemed ok.

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