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Subject: Re: incomplete pictures
Author: Bill
Date: 09/27/2002 11:27
> > In addition, many of the pics are incomplete. How do I 
> set it
> > up so the pics will completely download?  Continue
> > interrupted download does not work, because the program
> > thinks they were downloaded correctly.  
> Just delete incomplete images, and restart 'Continue an 
> interrupted download'. This will force the engine to re-
> download them. Unfortunately, sometimes the engine is not 
> able to 'see' that pictures were incomplete, especially 
> with missing content-length servers.

**The pics are complete on my browser, but not when HTTrack
captures them.  Isn't there some easier way to delete just
that pic than to try and find it in My Web Sites?  Likewise,
deleting all jpg's would be overkill, as most of them are
complete.  When I'm browsing the site from HTTrack, right
clicking on the incomplete pic does not give me the option
of deleting it, just viewing the image, saving it, or
copying the location.

> (snipped)
> >  I also noticed that after hours of downloading a site (at
> > 26400 kbps), I get an error message,and I can't really
> > cancel my download, I have to close out your software. 
> Err, a crash?? Can you indicate me the position (number of 
> links scanned) ? This may either be a MFC problem 
> (interface/GUI) or an engine problem.. similar problems 
> were reported, depending on the Windows release, but could 
> never reproduce it :(

**Well, this is after hours of downloading, many megabytes
of files.  I don't know how many links, exactly. It happens
every time I download for about 8-12+ hours. I'm up to about
170 Megs with this site.
> > P.S.  Netscape 4.78 freezes up or crashes when accessing
> > your forum, but the latest version seemed ok.
> Humm, too many tables, I presume. 
> I suggest you try Mozila 1.1 : it is REALLY a great 
> release, VERY fast compared to Netscape 4.x, VERY compliant 
> with many things (especially styles, tables..) ; a good IE 
> replacement. 

**I went to, but they didn't post any snapshots
of their interface.  I have already updated to Netscape 7.0.
 Aren't they about the same, except for the OL junk Netscape
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