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Subject: Re: incomplete pictures
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 09/25/2002 22:42
> However, I'm still
> not able to copy all the pics on a site. If I'm online, 
> pictures will download while I'm viewing the site from 
> software, but I just get a blank when I'm offline.

Don't use mirror depth ; and use default filters, too 
(+*.gif +*.jpg and so on..)

> In addition, many of the pics are incomplete. How do I 
set it
> up so the pics will completely download?  Continue
> interrupted download does not work, because he program
> thinks they were downloaded correctly.  

Just delete incomplete images, and restart "Continue an 
interrupted download". This will force the engine to re-
download them. Unfortunately, sometimes the engine is not 
able to "see" that pictures were incomplete, especially 
with missing content-length servers.

> The site is
> <>, and I'm using, unfortunately,
> Windoze '98.  I'm at a max mirroring depth of 4, and max

Err, I assume this is
Don't use depth, generally this is not necessary

> external depth of 4 as well.  I have it set up to capture

Wow, should not be necessary! Set external depth to 0, and 
leave filters as is (the +*.gif and so on.. things)

> the following files: +*.css +*.js*
> +*.gif +*.jpg +*.png +*.tif +*.bmp +*.pdf.

Should be ok

>  I also noticed that after hours of downloading a site (at
> 26400 kbps), I get an error message,and I can't really
> cancel my download, I have to close out your software. 

Err, a crash?? Can you indicate me the position (number of 
links scanned) ? This may either be a MFC problem 
(interface/GUI) or an engine problem.. similar problems 
were reported, depending on the Windows release, but could 
never reproduce it :(

> P.S.  Netscape 4.78 freezes up or crashes when accessing
> your forum, but the latest version seemed ok.

Humm, too many tables, I presume. 
I suggest you try Mozila 1.1 : it is REALLY a great 
release, VERY fast compared to Netscape 4.x, VERY compliant 
with many things (especially styles, tables..) ; a good IE 
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