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Subject: Re: Two Suggestions
Author: DJO
Date: 03/10/2001 10:04

>>1) Make a mailing list where you will send an E-mail 

>Might be an idea - I'll do it when I have more time :)

It's really really easy I would even set it up for you 
if you want -

>>2) In the update page don't put all the updates of 

>Hum, you mean "why don't you release this long 
awaited 3.00?"

No, I think it's good that you test a lot it's much 
better to release in delay and not release a buggy 
What I meant is that in the History page - 
<> . All the fixes and 
new things are listed under 3.00, you should split it 
so we know what changes with each RC. For example I 
have RC 9 and come to the site and see RC 10 is out so 
I got to the history to see what chanegd but its not 
clear at all because everything that was done in 3.00 
is listed there.

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