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Subject: Two Suggestions
Author: DJO
Date: 03/08/2001 14:26
First of all great work with the program I really like 
I have two suggestions:
1) Make a mailing list where you will send an E-mail 
every time a new version is released. I check your 
page a few times a week just to see if a new version 
was released I think it would be much better if I 
could be notified by E-mail. There are some places 
that will setup such a list for free, the best in my 
opinion is .
2) In the update page don't put all the updates of 
v3.00 under the same thing, break it down to RC8, RC9, 
RC10 etc. Maybe don't do it backwards since that will 
just be a lot of work but in the future when you 
release new version put in under a new tag so we could 
know what's new in the release we are downloading.


 - DJO

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