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Subject: Re: Two Suggestions
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 03/10/2001 10:13
> It's really really easy I would even set it up for
>if you want -

Well, the problem isn't the list itself - but the 
possibility to include it in the 
website, in fact

> No, I think it's good that you test a lot it's much 
> better to release in delay and not release a buggy 
> project.

Right - but the 3.00 final should have been released 4 
months ago :)

&gt; <> . All the fixes 
&gt; new things are listed under 3.00, you should split 

Right - but, again, the alpha-beta-rc versions 
shouldn't have taken so much time. Now the engine is 
stabilized (I hope!) and therefore a final may be 
possible in the near near future, when all remaining 
interface strings will be ready

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