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Subject: ".gif" files being called ".html" in mirrored page
Author: Robert Yodlowski
Date: 09/16/2005 19:20
1. I am using the 3.40 experimental version of HTTrack on Windows XP Home

2. I am a new user with NO HTTrack experience

3. I would like to mirror this page:


 and the tutorial pages linked from it (of the form aa*.html) including all of
their pictures.

4. HTTrack works just fine EXCEPT that it changes the picture links on SOME of
the tutorial pages from .jpg or .gif to .html!! so the pictures cannot be seen
in the mirrored pages.

5. If I go in and edit the mirrored tutorial .html file to change
...picure.html... to ...picture.gif... or ...picture.jpg... in the link's URL
and I rename the saved local file from picture.html to picture.gif or
picture.jpg the picture shows up just fine. For some reason HTTrack changes
their extensions to ".html".

6. "Chainwheel" is an example of a listed tutorial that exhibits this problem
but the "Klien Bottle" tutorial was mirrored correctly with all of its


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".gif" files being called ".html" in mirrored page

09/16/2005 19:20
...But, older HTTrack 3.33 works just fine!

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09/19/2005 03:27
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