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Subject: Re: Cannot Capture
Author: D_A
Date: 10/08/2005 14:39
- I didn't understand and thought you couldn't capture anything.
You don't have to turn flash off except when you have to find the non flash
- 6 errors are not much (1 missing file) and come from a parsing bug with css
background-image: url(job/images/latest_bg.gif);
should download but it tries to download which doesn't exist.
behavior:  url(../inc/; is not correctly parsed too, but it
seems to be a programming error.
I don't kwow if the current beta version fixes the problem, but you can
download the ( ) and put
it manually in the folder of the mirror.
You may have to do the same with the css file (as the instructions may have
been modified in the mirror)
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